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brühl & sippold GmbH

Alter Bad Stebener Weg 1
95138 Bad Steben Germany
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Company type: Manufacturer
brühl & sippold GmbH


In the broad landscape of contemporary design, brühl occupies a clearly defined space: we develop distinctively shaped furniture based on a clear concept. Like the product concepts and the designs, the actual manufacturing process is also emphatically ruled by clarity: we consistently aim for quality in terms of comfort, durability, environmental compatibility and the provision of exemplary working conditions.


Clarity in design stands for essentially linear shapes with carefully placed accents in the form of curved and slanting elements. The beautifully balanced proportions and dimensions and the skilfully dovetailed whole are yet another expression of clarity.


And, not least, clarity also means reduction – the art of minimalism, of focusing on the essential. The overall impression 

is one of calmness and generosity: contemporary sofas and armchairs that are neither severe nor harsh.

This modern look is young and lively. It ensures that these designs will stand the test of time. Above all, though, it makes the furniture easy to integrate. It goes well with almost any style of interior or type of space, and is even suitable for smaller rooms. It blends in just as easily with other pieces of furniture or different colour moods.

The clarity of the designs is accompanied by extremely appealing, in fact almost charming, looks throughout – which is only fitting for upholstered furniture. The pieces can be seen not so much as examples of classic or ostentatious but rather of engaging contemporariness.


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sofas chess

single chair powder

Lounge chair gerard

quint sofa bed

bridge sofa

Chaise longue mosspink

chair belami – smooth

Design Roland Meyer-Brühl